Unpredictable Business Climate Requires Flexible JD Edwards Application Managed Services

Over the past five months, senior leadership everywhere has been working to manage rapidly changing and dynamic business conditions. This unpredictability requires flexibility in managing customers, employees, vendors, processes and technologies.  

GuidewireSI is dedicated to providing JD Edwards’ customers with flexible end to end Application Managed Services to support constantly changing JD Edwards needs with flexible, “pay only for what you need” plans – just what is needed in the current business climate. 

“Guidewire’s on demand application managed services gives us access to a team of consultants to help us resolve issues or help us make improvements to our JD Edwards solution when we need it and without having to hire full-time staff,” explains Brian Peagler, Director of IS, goldbug.  “We also use Guidewire for our system administration and maintenance, which eliminates my need to think about it. The combination of their services reduces the cost of managing our JD Edwards solution so we can invest in other initiatives to support our business.” 

There are three key components to supporting JD Edwards with Application Managed Services:

  1. Extensive knowledge and experience working with JD Edwards software
  2. End to end services to meet every need of a JD Edwards customer
  3. Service offerings and payment options that are tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs

For the past 10 years, GuidewireSI has been focused on helping customers purchase, implement, support and optimize their JD Edwards software deployments. Customers partner with us on two key service offerings to enhance their use and support of JD Edwards solutions, while reducing the costs associated with internal teams and independent contractors.

  • On Demand Application Support ranging from tier two to complete support
  • Planned System Administration (CNC) support

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