Are you confident in your Oracle compliance with JD Edwards licenses?

Most JD Edwards customers are telling us they are not. As business grow and expands, the needs and usage of your JD Edwards applications are changing with you.  Even with the EnterpriseOne 9.2 Tools to track usage, there is not a way to determine license compliance.

“Geospace wanted to understand the companies risk profile with Oracle from a detailed technical perspective and did not have a competency to understand the license agreements from over the years. GuidewireSI performed the License Review Program and provided us with the comprehensive understanding of our risks and several options to remedy the areas of risk.”  

– David Witt, CIO Geospace Technologies.

 There are two key benefits from performing an internal license audit:

  1. Risk Prevention
  2. License Optimization 

There are five common license compliance challenges:

  1. Mapping Usage to Licensed Applications
  2. Numerous Order Documents and varying licensing models
  3. Prerequisite Applications and Indirect Usage
  4. Custom Programs and Reports
  5. Security and Roles not aligned to Licensed Applications 

JD Edwards customers have turned to GuidewireSI to:

  • Understand Compliance by knowing what JD Edwards Applications are being used by specific users to ensure compliance or you to be prepared for an upcoming meeting with the Oracle License Audit team.
  • Are considering migrating from one License Model to another – most often from the “Enterprise” to “Named” to mitigate the annual true up payments.
  • Believe they need to add users and want to make sure they license the correct number of users by application.
  • Purchase the additional users and applications from a trusted advisor and the best possible pricing.

Check out what a recent CIO has to say about his experience in a Customer Video Success Story on YouTube

Contact us to learn how the GuidewireSI 360License Review Program can provide you the facts and confidence to understand what applications are being used, the specific number users, and the roles providing the access to the applications.

Our team has 20 plus years of experience with the JD Edwards licensing models and a unique tool and approach to support you from understanding to compliance.