Current Conditions Increase Need for Remote On Demand and Planned Maintenance JD Edwards Managed Services

The need to have remote work force in place to support business operations is mission critical.  GuidewireSI provides remote on-demand and planned application, development, and technical system administration support services.  Over the past two weeks, we worked with all of our customers to coordinate and confirm our 360Care support services would remain operational to ensure their JD Edwards implementations, projects, and systems remain operational with our ability to execute with remote services.   

GuidewireSI 360Care Program Offers:

For 10 years, we have been successfully providing these remote managed support services to JD Edwards customers with a dedicated team of experienced JD Edwards application, development and technical (CNC) consultants, a comprehensive set of tools, technologies and processes.  We offer flexible contracts to support pay as you consume and prepaid planned maintenance plans.

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